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Have you learned about the current situation of food loss and the solutions provided by "Power of Plant"?

We believe that in order to solve the problem of food loss, it is important to provide information and to raise awareness of the measures that can be taken by each individual. Simply calling for a reduction in food loss and talking about the seriousness of food waste in statistics will not reduce actual food loss.

This site was created from the idea of "thinking about and introducing recycling methods that can be done using food waste (plants). If you are going to do it, you should do it in a fun way! We started making this with the greedy concept.

Most of the food loss is occupied for by vegetables.

As a solution, we thought that if we could use the "Power of Plant" of vegetables, we could reuse food that would otherwise be discarded, and completed this site.

When we think about how to utilise power of plant, the most important thing is to make it something that can be used while having fun.

This method will not immediately eliminate "food loss," but it will make it easier for people to understand what is going on. If you look at our site and know how to use it, you may think, "This kind of solution is possible, it looks fun! "What about food loss in our house?" "Are there any other foods (plants) that can be used?" We are happy if you could have interest on foo loss issue from our site.