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"Power of Plant"

Hello everyone!
What do you think of when you hear the word "Power of Plant"?
In this site, we define the power that plants themselves originally possess as "Power of Plant".
Through our research on food loss, we learned that most of the food loss is vegetables, and we have been thinking how to use up the power of these plants that would otherwise be discarded.
I would like to look at the current situation of food loss together with you. We would like to let everyone know food loss, which is becoming a problem not only in Japan but also in the world.

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Site Information

This site will introduce "Power of Plant" together with the issue of food loss.
In "Motive", we introduce the currebt state of the food loss problems as a basic knowledge.
Then we present 2 examples of "Power of Plant" utilization, "Dye!" and "Aroma!" Here are the main contents of each section.

Here you will find not only our thoughts on power of plant, but also information on how to view the site, a guide to the site, and an introduction of our members.

In this section, we will explain the detail of food loss which is a trigger to think of utilization of "Power of Plant".
There's a questionnaire and an interview results, so you can learn about the current situation!

In this article, we will introduce "herb dyeing," a method of dyeing cloth using dyes from discarded materials, along with experiments. It's one of the way to use up the power of discarded ingredients (plants), and you might even be able to try it at home!

Here is the second part of the solution to use up the power of plant. It contains detailed information about aromas and how to extract them, as well as experiments and interviews.
Aroma is more than just a scent!

Here, as a final summary, we will consider how food loss will be in the future, and we want to convey our message.

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・Website development
・Creating diagrams and illustrations

・Information gathering
・Website development
・English Translation

・Information gathering
・Website development
★Motive(Food loss)


We have referred to many sites and other information.

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