We conducted a questionnaire among the students of our school (338 students from the 1st to 3rd grades of Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior High School). Here I would like to describe what the results of the questionnaire are and what we can think of from them.


Other responses included "rice," "dairy products," and "convenience store lunch boxes".
As you can see from the graph on the left, people still feel that they throw away a lot of "vegetables". There were also quite a few who thought that they throw away a lot of perishable foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products.


In the news, there is not much information of the increase in food loss due to the Corona disaster, so it seems thatmany people do not know about it.
In order to reduce the amount of food loss, I think it would be a good idea to report the case of food loss due to the Corona disaster in the news, so that every one of us can change our awareness.



Although there were more "yes" answers, there were also a surprisingly large number of "no" answers. I think there isnot much awareness of food loss measures in a daily life.


Other responses included, "Don't eat too much when ordering in the school cafeteria", "Don't start out with too much rice when serving", and "Freeze leftovers and eat them later”

I thought it would be great if people who have never thought about food loss would have an opportunity to think about it.


What a surprise, the majority of respondents answered that it would be better to "use it and then discard it. In addition, the majority of the respondents answered that it is better to "utilize before discarding".
Let's take a look at Q6 and Q7 to find out the reasons for each.


Other reasons included "Because I feel bad for the producers," "Because I get into the habit of throwing things away," and "Because I think there will definitely be some use for it, such as animal food.
I was very impressed to see that there are people who are thinking from an environmental perspective as well.


For this question, "other" was the most common answer. The other opinions varied, with some interesting answers such as, "The fact that I disposed of it this time has made me more conscious of how wasteful it is, and I will use it up properly next time," and "Buying new things helps the economy.


By quantifying the various answers, some results were surprising for us and some are the same as ours. I hope that this questionnaire will be a good opportunity for students in our school to be more interested in "food loss".

We were able to hear a variety of honest opinions, which were very helpful to us. Thank you very much to everyone who answered the questionnaire.